Reference Center

One of the most important mission of the UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison is to facilitate access to research. We are therefore committed to:

  • Identify and catalogue the largest number of studies, research projects, articles and pertinent international publications.
  • Create an electronic documentation centre for researchers, professors, practitioners and consultants.
  • Collect strategic intelligence on the field of correctional education.
  • Regularly publish an information bulletin (in the form of a newsletter sent via email).
  • Using the Chair’s Website, promote all new studies or publications concerning correctional education.

Online Group Library and Bibliography

To facilitate research dissemination and access, the UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison is maintaining a Public Zotero Group Library and a bibliography covering everything related to education in prison.

To access this new tool, a Zotero account is needed. Zotero is a free open-source software to collect, organise, share and archive references. It can be downloaded here: (

Those who already use Zotero can subscribe to our Public Library on the following: Group Library on Education in Prison.

This online library is kept up to date with new and ongoing research by the Chair’s team. It includes bibliographic information on articles, monographs and different reports on the subject of education in prison. Each bibliographic record contain a link to the document’s webpage and a PDF when it is availanle. It is organised by categories and it will eventually be organised by themes and geographic regions.

Like most research, this tool is a collective “work-in-progress.” Do not hesitate to share references with us!

This bibligraphy is also available in RIS format (by request) and in PDF: Bibliography – UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison. Both these options will be updated every three months.