Call To All UNESCO Chair Newsletter Subscribers

LogoChaire_webDear partners, UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison newsletter subscriber, As part of the renewal of its second four-year mandate (2015-2019), the UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison is calling on all members of the Scientific Committee and newsletter subscribers to contribute to the “current status” of education in prison on the international scene.

This “current status” will be made up of files, the content of which will be created based on the testimony of researchers, practitioners recognized for their expertise, and public and para-public organizations working in education in prisons in their respective countries.
We hope to collect recent data on the subject of “education in prison” from some fifty countries from around the world. Each one of these files
will contain brief descriptions of the national situation (350-700 words) based on the following themes:

1) Education in prison legislation
2) Programmes and resources for education in prison
3) Innovative practices in education in prison
4) Funding for education in prison
5) Rate of participation in activities created for education in prison
6) Key players in education in prison
7) Research on education in prison
8) Prison staff training
9) Teachers and students

We invite you to share all information related to education in prison in your country so that we can aggregate the data and share it with the
international community. Please e-mail your data to the UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison :
You may submit your text in English, French, or any other language of your choice.