11th edition of the world prison population list

wpb webThe UNESCO Chair in Applied Research for Education in Prison is constantly working on research, practices, data, etc., to enrich and deepen our understanding of education in prison. This information is then published on the website and the UNESCO Chair newsletter. Our mission is made possible by the collaboration of researchers, practitioners and all active players in correctional education on the international scene.

This bulletin shines a light on the exceptional work being done by World Prison Brief (WPB), a part of the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, Birkbeck, University of London, England. Founded in September 2000, the WPB is a database of information on prisons around the world. This data is compiled by Mr. Roy Walmsley, WPB Director. This data collection work will enrich the discussion.

We can now share with you the result of the 11th edition of the World Prison Population List which lists the indicators of prison populations around the world.

This information is as of October 2015. To see this information, click here.

icpr WEBThey have also produced the third edition of the World Female Imprisonment List which contains the indicators for women and girls being detained around the world as of late July 2015. To see this information, click here.

There is also a customized search engine on the World Prison Brief website. It contains information related to incarcerated populations, per country.
Simply indicate the desired region or continent to quickly access the country’s rank in ascending or descending order. Click here to access search engine.

Please also visit the World Prison Brief website. And the Institute for Criminal Policy Research website: click here.


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